Friday, January 10, 2014

This Never Fails to Make Me Chuckle

Kids asleep in the back seat is comedy gold.

Maxwell and his friend Atticus zonked out on the boat back from Poplar Island.

On the way to Luray Caverns on December 30 2013.

FYI, if you go to Luray Caverns for the cave tour, be sure to take a Giant Savings Card, you get a buy one/get one half off discount on the tickets. There's actually a store right off of I-66 exit 43 on the way there in Gainesville.

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Emmalyn said...

I love taking pictures of silly goofballs in the backseat! I have several of Suzanna and Stewart like that :)

Suzu said...

haha, dad.. so funny. Thank you for documenting my nap :)

Suzu said...

I accidentally posted my comment 3 times.. sorry. also, if you look above max's head, you can see me in the reflection! woo!