Saturday, February 08, 2014

Many Trips to the Temple Last Year

We go to the DC temple at least once a month all year long.  Jenni's better about putting up photos as soon as we get back.  When we go and she doesn't have her phone, I take the photo.  And here they are, from all year long!

March, 2013.  I can't believe it was this warm in March!

April.  Flowers are already blooming.

It's kind of a thing with me, I love taking pictures of us smooching.

May, and Stewart is home!

I don't think Jenni was intending to emphasize that I needed to lose a few pound, but it makes me laugh.

October. I need to shave. But it's interesting when the temple gets the focus of the photo, rather than our faces.

We went twice in December.  Once with the youth, it was Roxie Jane's first time to the temple for baptisms.

Then again with our family home visiting from Utah. We look forward to a future when we can go with more of our kids!

And maybe by then we'll have a camera with a better flash and night photo capability than my wheezing old camera phone...


Deb said...

Happy temple pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

Emmalyn said...

Super fun to see a whole year go by with happy happy pictures!