Friday, March 07, 2014

Max Fire Update.

The house Max has been staying in caught fire today in one of the second story bedrooms.

It's that front room, with the multiple windows and the blue shutters.  Max was staying in a bedroom on the opposite side of the house, in the back.  Everyone is safe, but the house has a lot of smoke and water damage.  All of the upstairs windows are broken out from the fire response.

It's hard to see the damage from across the street.  The fire response had that side of the highway closed for hours.

This is from inside. There was a lot of damage to the attic.

Looking through a doorway into the room where the fire started.  That metal frame is from a bunk bed.  The charred wood on the ground is the door that had been between the two rooms.

We're glad everyone got out OK.  Life is fragile.

For now, Max is staying with us.  Washing his clothes, looking for somewhere he can stay while waiting for a space to become available for him in the residence program he applied to last week.  We are tired, but still able to have gratitude.


Jane Babcock said...

Fires are scary and smelly. So glad no one was hurt.

Deb said...

Wow. That looked like it was a nice house. I'm glad everyone is okay.

Suzu said...

Do they know how it was started yet?

Emmalyn said...

Sobering pictures. I'm glad that no one was hurt! It was great to see max's smile yesterday.