Monday, March 10, 2014

Tsunamis and Car Wrecks

I saw this 26-minute video of the storm surge in Japan after the 2011 Tsunami, and this is a fitting week to share.  The guy shooting the video must have been pretty far inland, because the water came up over the course of four or five minutes.  I got anxious about how long the videographer waited to get to higher ground.  But he does get to higher ground!

The next one is unrelated, but I couldn't stop watching; a traffic accident in Russia.  A truck full of explosive gas tanks catches on fire.

Tanks explode, one at a time, for seven minutes.

The best part is how close people were at first.  How the cars kept going by on the other side of the road.  Then a few tanks blow, and *everyone* stays away, backs up.  Even the videographer.

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Emmalyn said...

We watched both of these. Incredibly memorizing to watch. Very sobering.